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Maintenance-free battery daily inspection and use

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Maintenance-free battery daily inspection and useMaintenance-free battery daily inspection and use

1. Period (at least every three months) check, the following exceptions will result in battery damage and need to be replaced.

A. Any voltage abnormality

B. Any physical impact (such as hitting or housing deformation)

C. Any electrolyte leak

D. Any abnormal heat

Maintenance-free battery life

1. The main factor affecting battery life:

Repeated deep discharge (especially the deep discharge after shallow charge)

Excessive temperature is too high

Overcharge (especially when trickle charging)

Excessive charging current

When the charged battery is long-standing (especially in a high temperature environment)

2. When the battery is used for emergency capacity supply fire alarm, it should be inspected according to the fire emergency energy supply standard. 


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