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Maintenance-free battery daily maintenance frequently

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Maintenance-free battery daily maintenance frequentlyMaintenance-free battery due to its own advantages, the consumption of the electrolyte is very small, basically no need to supplement distilled water during service life.

For maintenance-free battery, its voltage is 2V, usually used in series with three lead batteries, and the voltage is 6V. The car is used in a battery pack of 12V in series with 6 lead batteries. The ordinary lead battery is supplemented with sulfuric acid after a period of time, allowing the electrolyte to maintain 22 to 28% dilute sulfuric acid.

Maintenance-free battery life is generally twice the ordinary battery. There are two maintenance-free batteries on the market: the first one is not needed in use after purchasing (adding a supplement); the other is that the battery itself is shipped with the electrolyte and sealed The user cannot add a supplement at all.

The polar plate of the ordinary battery is made of the oxide of lead and lead, and the electrolyte is an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. Its main advantage is that the voltage is stable, the price is cheap; the disadvantage is that the battery is low (i.e., the electric energy stored per kilogram), the maintenance battery life is short and frequent. 


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