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Maintenance-free battery is commonly used in automobiles

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Maintenance-free battery is commonly used in automobilesMost of the maintenance-free battery use lead-borne alloy plate gate, and it is easy to reduce the reduction in water molecules when charging, and every time you must check the liquid level of the electrolyte, such as the liquid surface is lower than the plate, add distilled water to above the liquid surface, but also Test the concentration of acids frequently. It is necessary to add electricity to more than a period of time.

Powerful battery (also known as deep circulation battery):

The instant discharge capacity is poor, but can be depressed, and the current change amplitude is smaller than the start-type battery. Generally applicable to golf carts, electric public vehicles, forklifts, scrubers, leverage elevators, new energy, emergency lights, leisure cars, etc. as driven power. Power-type batches provide sustained stable power supply.

Start-type battery:

The instant discharge capacity is strong, but it does not depth, it will be found in 3 to 5 seconds. Generally, we will find that the start-type battery continues to start, because the start-type battery has an energy accumulation process, not Balanced discharge, general work does not depth discharge, do not need to be filled with pulse current, so the battery is commonly used in automobiles, motorcycles, etc., as a start-free maintenance battery engine. 


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