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Maintenance-free lead-acid battery cannot be inverted or placed

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Maintenance-free lead-acid battery cannot be inverted or placedMany people use the maintenance-free lead-acid battery, which is to be solid, can be inverted or sideware, but this approach is wrong.
Although the diaphragm of the lead-free lead-acid battery can absorb and store the electrolytic solution, it is not possible to prevent the acid; however, it is only necessary to control the amount of electrolytic liquid added, and the electrolytic solution in the diaphragm cannot be saturated, so this can only be poor The liquid storage battery does not mean that it is solid, it can be casual. Long-term side is placed, and the electrolyte is also possible to leak.
The correct use method is that the battery terminal is upward, and the battery needs to have at least 1-2 cm between the battery and the battery in the battery pack. 


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