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Maintenance-free lead-acid battery rapidly develop

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Maintenance-free lead-acid battery rapidly developThe fast-maintaining lead-acid battery rapid charging technology is developed on the basis of conventional charging technology. No matter what charging system is used to charge, the concrete process of lead-acid battery charging should comply with bipolar sulfate theory.

The electrode polarization of the battery can also be eliminated by adding discharge pulses during the charging process. Therefore, to achieve rapid charging, there is a need for many controls, and the control features are:

(1) Multivariate——Such as to control the temperature in the battery, the size of the charging current, the interval of charging, and the setting of the polarization pulse.

(2) Nonlinearity——The charging current should gradually decrease with the charging, otherwise it will cause an increase in the ventilation and temperature rise.

(3) Dispersion——As the battery is discharged, the use and preservation history is different, even the same model, the same amount of the same capacity is different.

We use this system to perform a fast charging test for 24V12AH-free maintenance lead-acid battery pack, first in 1 amp feed, discharge termination voltage is 20V. The charge current takes 8A (0.66C), after 50 minutes, the battery pack voltage reaches 24.5V, is charged to 40 minutes, the depolarization cycle is gradually shortened, the charging current drops to 6.2A, after 2 hours and 10 minutes later, after 2 hours The charging is automatically ended, and the battery pack is terminated to 28.8V, and the battery pack voltage is 27.6V after 5 minutes. The outer casing is 10.6 ¡ã C 


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