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Maintenance method of communication mobile base station battery

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Maintenance method of communication mobile base station batteryThe maintenance values ​​provided by the battery manufacturer are not suitable for the maintenance of the mobile base station battery. The traditional battery maintenance theory and method is no suitable for mobile communication base station battery maintenance. The battery rated capacity used in my country is 10D, and the time rate marking value, that is, at ambient temperature at 25 ° C, the battery is discharged at 10 dx time, in discharge The capacity of the battery is based on the stop voltage is 1.80 V / only time the battery is its rated capacity.

However, most mobile communication base stations batches are discharged at 20, 30, 40 / BH, inmbiot, and use ambient poor, and if the mobile communication base station battery maintenance is carried out in conventional maintenance theory and means, the battery capacity is reduced. The floating current provided by the switching power supply of the DC system is three effects on the valve-controlled lead-acid battery: for daily load current, supplementing the loss of battery self-discharge, and maintains the battery internal oxygen circulation.

If the battery is in a long time in the floating charge provided by the battery manufacturer, it is only charged without discharging. It is bound to cause the cathode plate passivation of the battery to make the battery internal resistance increase, and the capacity has dropped significantly, resulting in a decline in battery life. When the battery system is in a floating operation for a long time, due to the excessive design of the negative electrode active substance, the negative electrode plate has a portion of the active material in the state of charge, and since the long-term floating current value is small, it is not enough to make the plate The internal active substance gives a sufficient electrochemical reaction to cause vulcanization of the internal active substance of the plate, thereby reducing the negative electrode plate capacity to affect the battery life. 


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