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Matters notice when the battery is discharged

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Matters notice when the battery is dischargedWhen the battery is discharged, the sulfuric acid concentration and specific gravity of the electrolyte will fall, and after fully discharge, the specific gravity of 15 ¡ã C is reduced to 1.11. Generally, the specific gravity will rise, the specific gravity of the summer is full of electricity is 1.25 ~ 1.26, and the winter is 1.27 ~ 1.28. Because the battery is in a sealed state, when in use, only if the battery is used to determine whether it has been charged well or. After the 6V and 12V battery is fully charged, the voltages are 6.8V to 7V and 13.6V ~ 14V; the voltages of 6V and 12V cells are 5.3V and 10.6V, respectively. Base If over-discharge or long-term is in a semi-discharge state, the battery will vulcanize, the vulcanized battery cannot be eliminated by the method of adding distilled water and conventional charging, only when the concentration of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte is relatively low, and vulcanization can eliminate. Repair method: (1) If the battery is not serious, the capacity is not much dropped, and the battery can be charged for a small current (0.05a or less). (2) If the vulcanization of the battery is more vulcanization, it can be charged to the highest voltage (6V battery is filled with 7V, 12V battery charges to 14V), with a syringe to extract the electrolyte in the battery, then inject distilled water (in dilute electrolyte). Then charge 1 to 2 hours, then extract the electrolyte, inject distilled water. Repeat the above operation until the proportion of the electrolyte is no longer significantly increased significantly (generally 2 ~ 3 times). Finally, try to extract all the electrolyte, and then inject the specific gravity of 1.25 ~ 1.28 according to the ambient temperature, the electrolyte is filled with electricity, and the specific gravity of the electrohytic liquor is lowered. If the specific gravity is small, the electrolyte can be removed again and inject sulfuric acid, repeat the above Operation makes the specific gravity of the electrolyte reaches the standard. Pay attention to the electrolyte in the battery is not suitable. If the sponge material to be toned, the material is filled with electrolyte, and the excess electrolyte is drawn out, and the repair work is completed.

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