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Measures to prevent battery electrolyte icy

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Measures to prevent battery electrolyte icyAccording to the degree of discharge of the battery and the relative density, the relationship between the freezing point is known, in the cold region (below -30 ¡ã C), if the battery is not over-discharge (no more than 25% in winter, the electrolyte does not lose loss) Trend. 1. Preventive measures are used to properly use and maintain the battery, which can keep the battery in a good technical state, extend its service life, and ensure the reliability of work. In order to prevent the iron-free iron in cold area, daily maintenance maintenance can take the following measures; (1) Periodically determine the relative density of the electrolyte, if it is found that it does not meet the local climate requirements, it is necessary to adjust in time. (2) Keep the battery sufficient state. If there is one of the following phenomena, supplemental charging must be performed: 1 When the electrolyte relative density is 1.20 or less. 2 The winter discharge is more than 25%, and the summer discharge is more than 50%. 3 The light is more dull, indicating that the electric power is insufficient. 4 When the engine starts fire (not mechanically fault) (3) If the liquid surface of the electrolyte is too low, when the distilled water is added, the distilled water can only be added before charging, and the water and electrolytic solution are mixed as soon as possible to reduce electrolysis Possibility of liquid freezing. (4) The general industrial sulfuric acid and non-distilled water are not allowed, due to impurities, it will cause the battery to discharge, reduce the capacitance of the battery, and also corrode the plate, shorten the life of the plate. In addition, if the density of the electrolyte is too low, it is easy to frozen in the cold area. (5) When the temperature is below -30 ¡ã C, in order to prevent the electrolyte freezing, the battery can be removed into the chamber 2. The battery electrolyte refrigeration is generally the battery of the battery selected by the loader, the factory When the electrolyte density is relatively large, the purpose is to prevent the electrolyte from frozen in the cold area, and it can also prevent a small amount of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte, resulting in too small the electrolyte density and affects the capacity of the battery. It can be seen that the main reason for the iron battery electrolyte reflection is: (1) During the use of the livestock battery, the sulfuric acid in the electrolyte is over-loss. If only the distilled water will make the relative density of the electrolyte does not meet the local climate Requires, thus causing electrolytic liquid. (2) Since theory, the density of the electrolyte used is in line with local climate requirements. However, if the battery is excessively discharged, the electrolyte can be reduced due to density, and the ice point is increased. (3) When supplementing distilled water, the distilled water is not mixed with the electrolyte in time, resulting in a local part of the electrolyte temperature, and thus easy to frozen 


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