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Performance and parameters of electric forklift

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Performance and parameters of electric forkliftThe electric forklift is one of the most commonly used tools in modern industrial handling. It is the most widely used product. The electric forklift is handled by the driver to perform the loading and unloading, transportation and stacking of the entire cargo. Electric forklifts are flexible, powerful, adaptability, can work efficiently in small venues, is widely used in port, station, warehouse, factory, etc. The following author introduces you to the motor forklift performance parameters.

Main basis for electric forklift: dynamic performance, motor performance, stability

Power Performance Parameters —- The running speed of the forklift, climbing (acceleration performance), lifting speed

Motorial performance parameters —- The outer dimensions, axial distance, spacing, minimum turn radius of the forklift;

Stable performance parameters —- front housing K, axial distance, spacing and self weight;

The effects of electric forklifts, mobility, and stability are contradictory, and consider considering each parameter.

The stability of the forklift, the ability of the forklift to resist the overall situation, is the necessary condition for ensuring normal operation of the forklift, and the core of the forklift overall design

When the forklift work, the inertial force and gravity changes of ground slope, acceleration, braking or steering may cause the tip of the forklift. It will result in large, deceleration, and cause unstable;

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