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Precautions for electric handling car battery charging

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Precautions for electric handling car battery chargingElectric handling car batteries in some industrial developed places are frequent in various warehouse handling, which has become one of the important handling tools in the process of production. However, as an electric device, the electricity consumption will always be used, and the power is used to charge. So what do you do when charging?

Precautions for charging:

1. Connect the electric vehicle battery that needs to be charged and confirms that the specifications of the output voltage of the charger and the specifications of the battery are consistent, and the positive and negative poles output from the charger should correctly connect the positive and negative electrical poles corresponding to the battery. Note: It is strictly forbidden to be positive and negative. If the charger of the output switch should first turn the output switch, then turn on the input power.

2. Check if the voltage of the power outlet is consistent with the charger input voltage, confirmed, and then plugged into the power.

3 If there is still no output after 1 minute, please turn off whether the wiring is faulty or is not connected, and the power is re-powered.


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