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Precautions for shipping battery storage

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Precautions for shipping battery storageThe main advantage of the boat battery is that the oxygen circulation can be formed when charging, it is not easy to lose water, the battery generally does not have to add an electrolyte or other maintenance during service life, but there is a battery only for only one year, then the boat battery is stored What do you need to pay attention to?
1. When the liquid storage battery is stored, the maintenance-free battery needs to be added once every 3 months; other batteries should be added every 1 month;
2, the boat battery should be stored in a clean, dry, ventilated environment, dry retro battery, do not loose liquid porose, to prevent negative oxidation;
3. Do not only carry the pole column when the boat battery is shipped. Otherwise, the inside of the ship’s battery may cause damage or even malfunction.
4. When the boat battery is transported, it is necessary to avoid damage. 


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