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Prevent electric forklift voltage over low phenomenon and battery protection

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Prevent electric forklift voltage over low phenomenon and battery protectionElectric forklift voltage is too low
Usually, when the electric forklift voltage is too low, it will cause the main contactor to be bounted to the main contactor, and the sound is bounced immediately after the main contactor is bounced. Sometimes it will also have a single battery failure due to the electric forklift battery pack. Or is the cause of poor contact with the corrosion of the battery terminals.
The electric forklift has an undervoltage protection function to prevent the battery excess discharge of the electric forklift. The undervoltage protection function is an undervoltage alarm of the controller when the electric forklift is in depth discharge. At this time, the forklift should be suppleeded, when depth discharge When generated, the protection function of the forklift started, first of all, the lifting motor of the forklift was first restricted. At this time, the electric forklift stops to rise, but the motor can still work normally, the driver can drive the forklift to the charging room to make the fork.
Electric forklift excessive discharge on the battery life of the forklift is very large, severe over-discharge can even result in battery scrap, the undervoltage protection function of the electric forklift effectively extends the life of the battery pack, more about electric forklift battery knowledge can be seen Product knowledge introduction. 


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