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Ratio seal battery of battery manufacturers and charge and discharge problems

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Ratio seal battery of battery manufacturers and charge and discharge problemsIndustrial battery manufacturers can be divided into two categories: a class of batteries manufacturers used in deep cycles, and the other is a “backup power supply” battery manufacturer for floating charge. The battery produced by the battery manufacturer is used to represent its service life in a deep cycle, and the battery used in 0.8C depth is charged and discharged. It has more than 1200 times; and the battery manufacturer of floating technology is produced by battery production. Reaching 10 ~ L2, some can reach 15 to 20.

The battery is considered to end when the battery is only 80%. Valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery manufacturers also called “maintenance-free batteries” manufacturers, due to the convenience of use, in recent years, in the past few years, in the past few years, it has been widely used in electricity and postal and telecommunications department, but because the valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery is not understood. Features, often scrapped in a few years, causing great losses to enterprises. First, “maintenance-free batteries” is wrong as it is not maintained, “free-free battery” is just the advertising language of the battery manufacturer.

Valve sealing lead-acid battery manufacturer should pay attention to the temperature of the battery. At any time, the floating charge voltage is observed. If the charging device does not compensate the temperature, it should press the temperature to rise by 19C, each unitary battery float The charging support is decreased by 3mV for amendment. Due to the case where the valve controlled osm-acid battery is not observed, the discharge test should be performed during use to detect the battery capacity to avoid the role of the standby power supply due to its decrease in capacity. It should be noted that the battery must not be over-discharge at the time of discharge, and the electricity must be added within 12 hours after discharge, otherwise it will cause permanent damage to the battery. Note the capacity and type of the valve controlled lead-acid battery manufacturer. 


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