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Regarding the failure change of electric forklift battery

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Regarding the failure change of electric forklift batteryThe capacity power of the electric forklift battery relies on multiple monomers in series, and the single battery capacity is very high, but the voltage value is very low, the sum of the series can reach the basic requirements of the forklift, and we are most frequently, the single battery failure, Capacity has dropped very fast, even zero, no storage, leading to the entire set of forklift battery, which can be satisfied with 8 hours of work, after a single short circuit, only half an hour or dozens of time, this happens General customers are direct replacement of monomer batteries or overall replacement. In time, more than 2 years replacement monomers are not significant, we recommend that the battery can replace new battery replacement in 2 years, more than 2 years Battery, capacity, specific gravity is unbalanced battery, after replacement, the capacity of the electric forklift battery will basically make the original battery flat, charging and discharging output cannot be consistent, because the battery is a product that fails, this is due to The performance of various raw materials used is gradually aging. If the battery is fully charged, if it is in a long-term storage state, it will enter the self-discharge process, and the capacity will gradually decrease, and this phenomenon is inevitable. The reason for battery self-discharge in long-term storage state is the chemical and electrochemical reactions in the battery. Regardless of the anode or the cathode, the activation material will gradually be chemically reacted with sulfuric acid, and transformed into stable sulfate, which is self-discharge. Battery self-discharge is inherently reducing the inherent causes of capacity and life in storage, when the ambient temperature rises, it will accelerate the self-discharge process. The temperature of the temperature is 1 I ¡ã C, the chemical reaction speed of various raw materials will be doubled, and the battery life is also shortened. Generally speaking, the battery temperature should be kept in 2025 ¡ã C as much as possible. The temperature is too high or too low, and the battery has no life. The reason for the monomer change of the electric forklift battery also exists in the process of mixing, and cannot be added to full, avoiding the next time to reduce this. Mentality, uneven monomer electrolyte leads to inconsistent post-capacity inconsistencies. Guangzhou Belons Power Power Co., Ltd. is studying, developing forklift battery for many years, knowing that the battery of the battery is changed.

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