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Relationship between electric forklift battery charger and battery life

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Relationship between electric forklift battery charger and battery lifeThe electric forklift battery is stored in the commercial electricity, drives the vehicle to achieve the load, and its power source switched source is a charger, and a good charger can increase battery life, extend the time of use, master charging time Battery charging is usually carried out at night, and the charging time is about 8 hours. If it is shallow discharge (short time after charging), the battery will be used very quickly, do not exhibit excessive phenomenon, causing battery life, fever, and reduce battery life. Therefore, the battery discharge depth is 70% is the best charging time, and the cost is required to avoid damaging the charging power, and how to make the charger to charge the electric forklift battery specification during the actual operation? Xiaobian briefly said:
1. Merge of power supply with the charge power supply and the electric board.

2, the plug of the battery will be charged with the forklift battery connector, the charger according to the actual battery voltage.

3. Set the power to switch to the open position and start charging.

4, disconnect the power, unplug the power plug head and the end charging. The loss of loss will be more serious for a long time. When the battery is idle, charging once a month, extending the battery life.

The forklift battery is long, and various factors will cause the battery to shorten, charger or use requires troubleshooting. The electric forklift battery cannot be full. What is the reason? The full electric forklift battery charger works for a while, it will stop automatically, There is no current and voltage, it belongs to the circuit problem, which may be solder spot, such as contact or failure. The normal temperature conditions are normal, and the temperature is rising, starting to appear. This is a phenomenon, sometimes it will gradually appear, sometimes suddenly appeared. The battery cannot be charged or filled with dissatisfaction, which may damage the battery, can’t care care, should check the repair to restore normal.

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