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Repair for the cracking of the forklift drive bridge shell

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Repair for the cracking of the forklift drive bridge shellDrive bridge shell for forklift, rugged mounted on the forklift frame. Since the driving bridge and the frame are rigid coupling, the forklift will take the goods or handling, the drive bridge will bear most weight, and there is also a case where the road is uneven, the fork load is uneven, so that the drive bridge will appear Damage such as bending, break, semi-axial sleeve bearing hole wear and semi-axial sleeve journal.
Drive the cracks and rips on the middle of the bridge shell, which can be repaired by welding, and its operational points are as follows:
1) Open a 90 ¡ã V-shaped slope along the crack, its depth is 2/3 of thickness.
2) At 6-10 mm from the end of the crack, each diamond diameter is 5 mm holes.
3) Electro-welding cracked cracks, the welding layer should be higher than the basic metal, but no more than 1 mm. After the front welding is good, the welding is soldered in the back, and the weld should be packed after welding. Welding complement on the working plane, its flatness error should be no more than 0.25 mm.
4) After the crack welding is soldered, the web should be welded at the crack, and the thickness is generally 4-6mm, and the reinforcing web should be symmetrical with the center of the drive bridge.
5) If the crack penetrates to the drive bridge cover or the main speed drift flange, the abdominal ring should be sold separately after welding. The reinforcing abdominal rings of the driving bridge cover plane can be copied outside, and the main decelerator housing should be copied in the inner surface. When welding the abdominal rings, the bolts should be used first on the plane, so as to avoid the position of the welding and flex.
6) After the welding reinforcement drive bridge shell, it is necessary to re-test its straightness error, the flatness of the shell cover and the main speed drift, and correct, wear to meet the standard 


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