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Replacement method of electric vehicle lithium battery

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Replacement method of electric vehicle lithium batteryAs the commonly used stepwise tool, the electric vehicle can be seen in the life, this electric vehicle, relying on lead-acid battery or lithium battery to replace lead-acid-free maintenance battery is relatively simple, but lithium batteries are replaced, need Sometimes, after all, the lithium battery is high in safety hazards than the lead-acid battery, so you need to pay attention to several things when DIY is handled:

So how do you install an electric car lithium battery?

1. Preparation materials, including stainless steel battery packs, 60V24AH lithium batteries assembled to electric vehicles, and lithium batteries must use electric vehicle power batteries.

2. A total of 20 strings of 20 strings of lithium battery.

3, 8 string lithium batteries are connected in parallel, doing insulation with the partition and tape.

4, the tape is fixed, and the welding protection line is soldered.

5. Wrap the tank welding with a hot shrink film, take the protective plate, and insulate it, prevent short circuit.

6, the short circuit of lithium battery is very large, the heat shrinkable film is built after the lithium battery is completed, and it can be put into the electric vehicle.

Problems should be paid to the lithium battery of electric vehicle:

1, assemble electric vehicle lithium battery inspection

In the process of disassembling the battery, check all connected lines, and check if the safety seat, charging socket, and whether the lithium battery leader in the electric vehicle is normal and reliable, and all connectors are fastened. Replacement should be replaced, and the reliability should be reviewed, and unreliable should be replaced.

2, assemble the installation of the electric vehicle lithium battery

The lithium battery is required to be installed according to the instructions in the battery packing. In fact, each of the batteries inside the battery cell box is connected in series, with a soldering iron solder of each piece of a soldering iron with a copper wire without less than one square, and finally two output terminals are positive and negative. , Welding two segments in the output socket, pay attention to not to be reversed, must correspond to the positive and negative poles on the charger. Otherwise, the consequences are serious.

4, the trial of the lithium battery assembled electric vehicle

After installing the electric vehicle lithium battery, you should measure the battery output port voltage with the multimeter. The actual voltage of the battery is slightly 2 ~ 5V than the standard voltage, and it can be in normal operation. 


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