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Running and maintenance of valve control battery microcomputer monitor

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Running and maintenance of valve control battery microcomputer monitorThe microcomputer monitor is controlled according to the end voltage value of the battery pack in the DC power supply unit, the AC input voltage value of the charging device, the DC output current value, and the voltage value of the voltage value. The operator can set and modify the running parameters through the keyboard or button of the microcomputer. The liquid crystal display panel or phosphor of the LCD in the DC Cabinet runs can be monitored and controlled. The remote dispatch center passes“Three-way”The interface can also be monitored on the display, which can also control the operational mode of the DC power supply in the keyboard operation. Once the DC power supply unit is run, once the parameters are checked by the display buttons, the tuning parameters cannot be changed. Microcomputer Monitor If the operation is in operation, the program and re-tuning can be retrieved. If you don’t reach the required operation mode, you will start manual operation, adjust to the needs of the required operation, and put the microcomputer monitor to run – the professional checks the apricot and then put into operation. 


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