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Running technical indicators for valve-controlled lead-acid batteries

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Running technical indicators for valve-controlled lead-acid batteriesThe valve-controlled lead-acid battery is one of the more important equipment of the energy storage power station. The cost accounts for about 80% of the system. The technical parameters of the battery are very important to the system design. The following is a lead charcoal lead-acid battery as an example to explain the key parameters of the battery. Such as capacity, discharge depth, number of cycles, etc. At the time of the battery and inverter selection design, pay attention to the maximum charge and discharge current of the battery. The capacity of the battery is determined by the number of active materials in the battery, usually represented by MAH when AH or mAh is used. For example, a nominal capacity of 250ah (10Hr, 1.80V / monomer, 25 ° C) refers to at 25 ° C, and is discharged from a current of 25a at 25 ° C to reduce the capacity of a single battery voltage to 1.80 V.

In addition to the main technical indicators, in order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the valve-type sealed lead-acid battery. There are still the following four technical indicators:

1 capacity. Under the specified trial conditions, the battery capacity can reach the standard. my country requires: Test 10H rate capacity, the second cycle is not less than 0.95c, the third cycle is C10, 3H and 1H capacity, respectively, in the fourth cycle and the fifth cycle, respectively.

2 Maximum discharge current. Without obvious deformation in the appearance of the battery, under the conditions of the conductive member, the maximum current of the battery can bear, my country’s relevant provisions are: 3 min at 30A current, the pole is not melted.

3 With the charger. Complete charging capacity that is fully charged battery can withstand. The battery cannot exceed the overcharge voltage during operation. After charging according to the specified conditions, the appearance of the battery has no obvious fluid and deformation.

4 capacity storage rate. After the battery reaches complete charge, stand for a few ten days, and the percentage calculated by the preparation capacity. my country’s regulations stand for 90 days, and the capacity is not less than 80%.

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