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Simple repair method for automotive battery

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Simple repair method for automotive batteryAuto battery as the name is a car special battery, used for “ignition” start use, less battery, vehicle is like a toy car, can not be taken, the vehicle is a must-have tool, the battery is closely related to our lives, maintenance and maintenance Determine the service life of the battery, we simply analyze the simple repair method of the battery:

I believe that the battery’s importance is self-evident. Therefore, it is especially important for the maintenance of the battery. Now taught you some repair methods about car-free maintenance batteries.

1 Then open the exhaust valve to observe the electrolyte inside the battery.

2, open the glue or heat-sealed battery cap, expose the rubber exhaust valve for the maintenance-free battery, carefully remove the exhaust valve, and observe the internal condition of the battery. Check if there is a black impurity, if there is a significant black turbid impurity, indicating that the positive electrode plate of the battery has been obviously softened, and the possibility of the battery is relatively small. If there is no black turbid impurities, it is necessary to wait 4 hours, and the water is fully in-depth battery. At the same time, an electrolyte of 0.1% to 0.5% is added to the battery, and the battery is just a flowing electrolyte. If it is only due to a long deactivation time, the battery capacity is reduced, and does not require this step, directly enter the following precharge.

3. It is to perform constant pressure limit streaming of the battery. It is generally charged with 0.1c to 0.25c current, and after 16.2V, the charging voltage is maintained by lowering the current, and the charging is stopped until the charging current drops to 0.03c. After charging, it is observed whether there is a free molecule inside the battery. If not, a solution of 0.1% is needed, until a few freely coming. If there is a free molecule in each monobi, the free molecules that can be seen with pouring and straw can make the battery in an accurate lean solution. Note that when charging, there will be a gas with an electrolyte from the exhaust hole. In order to not pollute the environment, the battery should be placed in a particular container.

After the charging is over, the battery will be measured after half an hour, and the voltage should be measured at 12V. If the battery voltage is below 12V, especially below 10.8V, the battery may have internal short circuit, which has no maintenance value.

4, battery repair, the positive and negative output of the connection repair instrument is output to the positive and negative column of the battery, turn on the repair instrument, and repair the battery. The first repair time should be no less than 48 hours.

5, capacity test

The battery is discharged according to the current of 0.1c, and the discharge time is recorded. Its discharge current multiplies the amount of time in time, the capacity of the battery repair. If the battery capacity reaches more than 70% of the nominal capacity, the repair is completed. If the capacity does not reach a nominal capacity of 70%, continue to charge according to step 3. After charging, continue repair, generally, over-term storage a year of battery needs to be repaired before it can restore the pre-stored state.

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