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Society of electric forklifts

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Society of electric forklifts1. Keep the appropriate startup speed during startup, should not be too fierce;
2, pay attention to observe the voltage of the voltage meter. If it is below the restriction voltage, the forklift should stop running immediately;
3, the forklift is in the walking process, does not allow the direction of travel to change the direction of travel, with a room to burn bad electrical components and damage to the gear
4, driving and improvement should not be carried out;
5, pay attention to the driving system, whether the sound of the steering system is normal, discovers abnormal sound to troubleshoot the fault in time, strictly forbidden to work;
6. Early slower during transition;
7. When homework in a poor road, its weight needs to be appropriately reduced, and the driving speed should be reduced;

8. When carrying the cargo in the big trek, pay attention to the firmness of the goods on the fork.

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