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Solar cell development prospects for quantum dots technology

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Solar cell development prospects for quantum dots technologyThe solar cells that can be bent, cheap, large size and weight, are generally difficult to manufacture, because they need to be in a high temperature inert atmosphere during the production, and it is easy to degrade in the air in the air. However, the researchers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found a new method, using ultra-thin quantum dot coatings to make solar cells can avoid these troubles in room temperature. More importantly, the solar panel of this technology has 9% ultra-high conversion.

This latest study is conducted on the basis of chemical professor Lester Wolfe, and researchers are uniformly distributed in a film in a film of quantum dots. It is possible to be applied to various materials, and the minute particles contained in the membrane can be converted to electrical energy alone.

Battery manufactured with this technology although not as an effective standard type of solar cell, this technology is currently unable to defeat traditional solar cells in other respects, but with its 9% light energy conversion, as emerging technology in solar energy Battery is already a huge considerable progress. Moreover, the application prospects are very broad, and there is no conventional solar storage battery on conditions and temperatures. It can be applied in the field of consumer, military and aerospace products. 


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