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Specific analysis of lithium batteries

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Specific analysis of lithium batteriesdefinition
A unit is a single closed electrochemical device (a positive and negative electrode) to form a current from the voltage difference at both ends thereof.
Examples of lithium batteries; black and brown identity of the cylinder flat, circular watch battery.
Flat, rectangular mobile phone lithium battery with white label. The electrodes are marked with a “plus” and “minus” to identify them.
Do you know, AA batteries and AAA batteries are actually battery packs?
The battery is electrically connected together and is equipped with equipment, such as one case, terminal, tag, and protection device, which requires two or more battery packs that work normally.

Do you know that the battery pack, module or battery component production provides power to another device as a source of battery processing?
What is the difference between “lithium metal batteries” and “lithium ion battery”?

Lithium metal batteries are typically non-rechargeable, containing metal lithium, and is equipped with high energy density than other non-rechargeable batteries. Lithium metal batteries are typically used in calculators, pacemakers, remote control cars locks and watches.

Lithium ion batteries (secondary) are chargeable, free of metal, with high energy density. Lithium polymer batteries are considered to be a type of lithium ion battery. Lithium ion batteries are in consumer products such as mobile phones, electric vehicles, laptops, electric tools and tablets.

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