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Specific installation method for forklift battery

Specific installation method for forklift batteryThe forklift battery is more cumbersome, relying on manpower unable to move, there are many kinds of mounting methods, but almost all have to carry, the mounting structure includes a battery case for carrying the battery, hooks on the battery case and used to lock the battery case. The locking mechanism, the hook has a locking groove, and most of the existing front-shift forklifts use a large-capacity battery to drive. When the vehicle works, the battery is required to be in the battery warehouse of the body, not start, brake, Steering, impact, sway out; after the battery is used, it is removable to the battery boy or outside the car body to charge; after charging, the battery needs to be loaded into the battery compartment.

The battery weight of the front-shift forklift is usually 300kg-3000kg, which is difficult to remove and remove by manpower, and the battery of the front shift forklift is filled with electricity for 5-8 hours, so it needs to be transferred frequently in the battery and moved out. . This requires an apparatus capable of moving into and removing the battery without manpower, and can be shifted from the battery limit after shift, and prevent the battery from being moved out of start, brake, and impact.

In recent times, when you have exposed to many remote areas, when purchasing forklift batteries, it is required to provide on-site installation services. In fact, there is no technical content of the installation of the forklift battery. It has made a good overall assembly before the factory. The current forklift battery is basically adopted. Forward, pull the battery in the side fork, and need to secure the four holes with additional forklifts. At present, the forklift industry, replacing the balance heavy electric forklift or installing the battery is usually used for driving, and the electric fork is replaced. The driving hoisting method has a large limit, because the driving is a large lifting tool, so the battery can only be The specified site is performed.

For forklifts that need to be worked for a long time, replace the battery is a necessary thing. At present, there is currently a tool for electric balancing heavy forklift batteries in the market that is a tool for a thermal cell, which replaces the battery. Large, and the tool structure is large, it is not easy to store, there is a safety hazard, in this case, improve the structure of the electric balance heavy forklift battery replacement tool, so that it is suitable for the Temoixing and forklift, while ensuring safety Minimize tool structures, reduce tool production costs and storage costs, mobile, flexible, flexible venues for various replacement batteries; with the continuous improvement of environmental protection and energy conservation requirements, industrial vehicles as power source are gradually replaced by the original The market demand for industrial vehicles such as electric vehicles, electric forklifts, electric piles such as electric vehicles, electric trucks, electric tractors, more and more customers, and the battery is also used as a power source. It is necessary to perform daily maintenance, or it may often be replaced (some places with high work intensity require continuous operation, and a set of batteries often can not meet the requirements).

There is also a forklift battery replacement tool to set a hoisting portion on a hanging tile body with a hanging strap and a hanging strap, and set a cylindrical crossbar for matching the strap hook at the top of the hoisting portion, and fork for matching the fork fork teeth. In the jack, when the forklift battery is lifted, the hanging chain on the spreader body is hooked on the hook hole of the forklift battery. Select the forklift for the forklift, which can be inserted into the fork jack to achieve the replacement operation, so the forklift battery replacement tool can be applied to the Temptic and the forklift crane, the use occasion is wide, and the forklift battery The replacement tool can be secured to the fixed column of the fork for forklift to prevent the bundle body from slipping the truck battery, and can hang the hanging chain hanging in the hanging chain when it is not in use. Holes prevents a short circuit when the next lifting is caused to cause short circuits to protect the protection, so the forklift battery replacement tool can effectively exclude the safety hazards existing during the use of the use of the safety hazards. It has the advantages of high security. The electric forklift is relying on the battery. As a driving force, drive the vehicle, the truck battery is especially important in the vehicle, but also an important part of the cost of electric forklifts.

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