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Standard for traction of battery-added battery

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Standard for traction of battery-added batteryThe traction battery belongs to the opening of the electric battery, the non-daily free maintenance, currently in the battery industry, has not studied the maintenance of the valve-controlled traction forklift battery, which requires usually mixed liquid, if the workload is large Or the charging current is too large, then the amount of liquid is very fast, then should we quantify the standard of the battery? According to years of experience, it is known that the electrode plate is 10 to 15 mm when adding distilled water; there are two red lines, and the electrolyte must not exceed the red line. The electrolyte is too full to overflow from the small hole in the battery cover. The electrolyte is electrically conductive. Once there is a positive and negative two poles, the loop self-discharge is formed. In this case, the electrolyte should be wipe off, or washed with boiling water.
If there is anything inadvertage, if there is anything inadvertage, you can’t remove the metal, apply a wooden stick to remove the impurities; Self-discharge, and damage the battery, the traction battery during charge and discharge, the water in the electrolyte will gradually decrease due to electrolysis and evaporation, resulting in a decrease in the electrolyte liquid. If it is not added in time, it is possible to shorten the service life of the reference to the battery, and should be added to the distilled water in time, which should be replaced with drinking pure water. 


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