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Storage of electric forklift batteries

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Storage of electric forklift batteriesa. There is a temperature of 5 ~ 45 ¡ã C, clean and dry, and ventilated;
b. During the dust and measurement of the battery cover, the electrolyte drops on the battery should be wiped with 5 ~ 10% soda solution and tap water, and keep the outer surface of the battery.
c. Avoid direct sunlight, away from the heat source;
d. A supplemental charge for the battery is performed every 30 days.

8. Battery safety precautions:
a. When loading and unloading the battery pack, the hoisting device carrying the corresponding weight must be used, and the battery is strictly prohibited in the battery pack during the hoisting process to prevent the battery pack from falling.
b. Battery maintenance personnel must wear antic acid protective gear, such as protective glasses, rubber gloves, aprons and rubber shoes, etc. to prevent sulfuric acid corrosate and burn.
C. It is strictly forbidden to place a conductive article on the battery pack, and the operator must take the watches and other possible conductive items to work, prevent spark, or even explosion.
d. It is strictly forbidden to pour the pure water directly into the concentrated sulfuric acid to prevent the liquid level temperature from suddenly increased boiling, resulting in a splashing of concentrated sulfuric acid.

e. Battery charging places are strictly prohibited to smoke, it is strictly forbidden to fire, electrostatic sparks, etc.

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