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Street light storage battery is stolen

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Street light storage battery is stolenThe thief hand stretched into the roadside solar street lamp storage battery, causing more than 30 road lights. From yesterday, the 3 km section of the newzhou Red Tourism Highway was black.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the red tourism road connected to the 106 National Highway, and found the 33 solar street light storage near the Culvert Nature of Da (Celebration) Guang (State) Expressway.

According to the villagers nearby, the street light storage battery has been stolen for 3 days, and many villagers have not been traveling at night.

It is understood that each solar street lamp consumes nearly 10,000 yuan, half of the street lights in the 3 km sections are damaged. The villagers hope that the relevant departments will make the street lights to make the street lights. 


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