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Such lead-acid batteries use it

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Such lead-acid batteries use itI heard the maintenance-free lead-acid battery, you may still be in a hurry, I don’t know what it is, but through Xiaobian’s story, you will understand what it is, and we will enter the maintenance The world of lead-acid batteries!

  1. Sealing: The battery slot cover is used, the pole pillar double sealing design, prevents the absorbate, reliable safety valve prevents external air and dust from entering the battery inside;

  2, maintenance: strong water regeneration ability, high sealing reaction efficiency, so no need to hydrophose or add acid maintenance throughout the battery;

  3, safe and reliable: free acid overflow, reliable safety valve automatic closure, explosion-proof equipment device makes the battery battery more securely and reliable during the entire use;

  4, long life design: computer refined design of corrosion-resistant lead calcium lead alloy plate grating, ABS corrosion resistance material and extremely high sealing reaction efficiency ensure long life of the battery;

  If you need to purchase the maintenance-free lead-acid battery, please choose our Shenzhen Yuyeong, we will strictly follow our company.“Human Chong, and Kaixin”The business philosophy, with excellent service to your side, work with you! 


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