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Suitable temperature ensures the service life of the battery

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Suitable temperature ensures the service life of the batterySuitable temperature ensures the service life of the battery
The battery generates calories during the working process, and the heat generated by the battery is being controlled, but if the battery is fails, it is high in the process of operation, which will cause the battery damage to cause Reduce service life. So how is the appropriate temperature of the battery? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.
It is usually limited to a certain point in the actual application, and we have found that there is a low temperature alarm in the battery pack of a certain user, and there is a low temperature alarm of 6 batteries. Room temperature in the ring monitoring system is 18 degrees, everything is normal, and after actual detection of the alarm, it is found that the 6 battery is mounted close to the two ventilation ports near the battery chamber, due to the damaged layer of the exhaust port of the battery chamber. As well as the failure on the pipeline, causing the imbalance at room temperature to make some of the battery at a low temperature. Therefore, the temperature test of the monomer battery can make a warning signal as soon as possible, see the problem, more reasonably designed and distribute the layout of the battery, effectively utilize the capacity of the battery. Temperature as key parameters in early detection of lead-acid battery problems, only relying only on battery temperature or set temperature in battery online monitoring system, it is not enough to truly act against battery prevention and protection, to truly implement online monitoring of batteries The system early found, early prevention, early maintenance purposes, the measurement of the temperature of the unitary battery is essential.
Some people have doubt that around 20 degrees for the battery life for a few years? Experts say that if the above use will receive the life of 5-16 years, the battery life is used: When the battery is applied to floating use places. If the battery is used to cycle, the 200-2500 charge will be obtained as a result according to different discharge depths.
About the battery does not need to be balanced. Due to the internal resistance, capacity and floating voltage of the monomer battery consistent. Its basic feature: 1. High storage capacity. 2. Charge and discharge free acid fog. Mount high current (0.8c-1c3. Charge acceptance ability. 8 seconds within 30C discharge current, 4. Marcy current discharge. The current is not damaged. Can be discharged multiple times, 5. Can be super-depth discharge. Battery will not damage It can be used at 50-60 ¡ã C. 6. Strong temperature. Exhaust maintenance, 7. Self-discharge is small. After full charge, normal temperature can still be used normally. .8. Long service life. All materials can be recycled after retirement. 11. Not subject to spatial restrictions. 12. Usage is easy.

The above is the introduction of information about the battery, where we have learned to understand the use of the service life of the product, let us have a more profound understanding. It is also a big help for us.

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