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Talk about all-electric van 9 points fault and exclusion method

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Talk about all-electric van 9 points fault and exclusion methodThe full-electric van is a new type of electric stream handling equipment, which has already occupied a place in the vast market. If you want to replace the inner burdened truck, you will need a day. As the number of companies using electric vies in the market is increasing, the faults that have occurred in the use of electric vans are also more concerned, how to effectively avoid or rule out the problem of hidden dangers. According to such a problem, we have specially collected and summarized some problems and how to solve and eliminate such problems in the applicable process of electric handling vehicles.
Fault phenomenon and exclusion method:
First, trembling when upgrading
1. Increase air in the cylinder, can be resolved by load multiple and lifting methods,
2. Hydraulic system oil leaks, repairs and replaces oil seals and hydraulic cylinders.
Second, there is a load when loaded
1. The oil pipe or oil junction is leakage, and the seal can be replaced.
2. Electromagnetic, manual replacement valve, one-way valve has a contamination or sealing ring wear, resulting in an intracencement. Treatment method: Cleaning valve group replace the seal.
Third, the speed of lifting is too slow or
1. The fuel tank is deficieted, and it is necessary to add hydraulic oil or all replacement.
2. The pressure of the overflow valve is insufficient and re-adjusted.
3. Overweight of the oil pump, produce an intracencence, need to be replaced.
4. Electromagnetic, manual replacement valve, one-way valve, safety valve wear or seal wear aging, need to be updated.
5. Hydraulic oil temperature is too high, and the viscosity is lowered, and the leakage is generated, and the hydraulic oil is replaced.
Fourth, the drive wheel generates an abnormal sound when walking.
1. Mixed hard debris in lubricants, update lubricants
2. The bearing is excessively worn or damaged and needs to be replaced.
Five, braking failure
1. The control circuit is not disconnected and the control system is checked.
2. Brake friction material wear, replace it.
Six, completely
1. Check if the door lock has been opened or is it bad.
2. Whether the battery is electricity, the battery is low, and the amount is added.
Seven, can’t advance or retreat
1. The battery is low, and the amount is added.
2. Walking controls the micro-switch loose and lock the screw.
3. DC contactor failure, repair replacement.
4. Damage, repair and replacement of electric control board.
5. Drive motor failure, check and repair.
6. The brake is killed and the drive wheel brake pad is adjusted.
8. Battery use time short and unable to charge
1. Battery electrical solution, supplement distilled water or lead-acid water
2. Battery aging, replace new batteries.
3. The power outlet is in contact with poor contact.
4. The battery is severely pulled electricity, damaged, and replaces the unified battery.
Nine, charger does not work
1. The charger does not display any display, the breakborator is burned
2. The charger power light is on, the internal breakbox is turned or the resistive open circuit, and the rectifier is damaged. 


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