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Talk about the characteristics and experiment of electric forklift battery

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Talk about the characteristics and experiment of electric forklift batterySealed Battery Sealed Cell: When the battery is maintained in a predetermined design range, the internal pressure exceeds a predetermined value, allowing the gas to escape from a resettable or non-resetable pressure release device.

The full sealing battery Hermetically Sealed Cell has a battery without a pressure relief device.

Maintenance-free battery MAINTENANCE-Free Battery Under the specified operating conditions, a battery that does not require maintenance during use.

Battery characteristics and experiments

Battery Capacity Under the specified conditions, the fully charged battery can be supplied, usually represented by security (A.H).

Discharge Rate Discharge Rate Battery Discharge Ampere Expressed Current.

The average voltage Mean Voltage during charging or discharge, the average of the voltage.

The charging termination voltage end-of-kind can charge the voltage when the battery is fully charged during predetermined constant current charging.

Nominal capacity Nominal Capacity is used to identify the appropriate approximation of the battery.

Rated capacity rated Capacity In the specified conditions, the production plant indicated by the manufacturer is fully charged after the battery is fully charged.

Self-discharge Self-Discharge When the battery is not connected to the outer circuit, the loss of chemical energy is caused due to the self-reactivity of the battery.

The overcharge OVERCHARGE is still fully charged.

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