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Talk about the concept of power quality

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Talk about the concept of power qualityWhat is power quality?
The power quality refers to the quality of AC power supplied by the utility grid. The purpose of the ideal public grid should be powered by a constant frequency, sinusoidal waveform, and standard voltage. At the same time, in the three-phase AC system, the amplitude of each phase voltage and current should be equal, phase symmetry and the difference is 120 ¡ã. However, due to non-linear or asymmetry of generators, transformers and lines in the system, the load is varied, and the reasons for the adjustment means is not perfect and operational operation, external interference and various faults, this ideal state does not exist Therefore, various problems in power grid operation, power equipment, and supply electrical circles are generated, and the concept of power quality is produced. Founding around the energy quality analyzer, understanding from different perspectives, usually include: forklift battery
(1) Voltage quality:
It is the concept of whether the power supply enterprise is qualified by the deviation of the actual voltage and the ideal voltage. This definition can include most of the power quality problems, but cannot include energy quality problems caused by frequencies, and does not include the impact of electrical equipment on grid electric energy quality and pollution.
(2) Current quality:
The change in currents with a close relationship with the voltage quality is that the power user has a constant frequency and the sinusoidal waveform of the AC power supply, and the current waveform is also required to ensure the operation of the high power factor. This definition helps to improve the improvement of grid power quality and reduce line damage, but cannot summarize the power quality problem caused by voltage reasons.
(3) Power supply:
Its technical meaning refers to voltage quality and power supply reliability, and non-technical meaning refers to quality of service. Includes power supply enterprises to reflect the user’s complaint, the rationality, transparency, etc. of the electricity price.
(4) Quality of electricity:
Including current quality and the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the electricity cube reflecting the interaction and influence of the supply of supplies, and also includes whether the power user is on time, such as the number of payment electricity.
What are the main contents of power quality problems?
At present, the research and solving power quality problems have become the urgent task of electricity development. The main research topics include:
(1) Research harmonics affect the pollution of electrical energy quality pollution in grid, and adopted corresponding countermeasures.
Due to the development of metal smelting enterprises such as steel, the increase in chemical industry rectifier equipment, high-power thyristor rectifier device and power electronic device development application, the harmonic impact of the utility grid is increasing, the waveform of the power supply has a serious distortion, affected The power grid is safe and reliable.
(2) Research harmonics affect the power metering device and take corresponding measures.
Due to waveform distortion, the accuracy and accuracy of power metering are caused, resulting in an additional power loss, resulting in unnecessary economic losses.
(3) Research on the impact of power quality pollution on high-tech enterprises adopted corresponding technical means.
Due to computer systems and microelectronic technology-based automated production pipelines and emerging IT industry, microelectronic chip manufacturing enterprises, etc., the requirements and sensitivity of electrical energy are much higher than that of general power equipment, any transient and transient Power quality problems may cause damage to the equipment or operational abnormality, affecting normal production, causing economic losses to power users.
(4) Development of strengthened power quality control devices.
The basic function of the power quality control device even improving the power quality even under any condition, even extremely poor power supply conditions, ensuring the power supply voltage, the current stability, reliability, and suppresses or eliminates the instantaneous moment of harmonic interference.
Which national standards have been developed in my country’s power quality?
(1) GB 12325-1990 “Power supply voltage allowance deviation”.
(2) GB / T 14549-1993 “Public Grid Harmony”.
(3) GT / T 15543-1995 “Three-phase voltage allows for imbalance”.
(4) GB / T 15945-1995 “Power System Frequency Allow Deviation”.
(5) GB 12326-2000 “Voltage allowance fluctuation and flash”. This standard is based on GB 12326-1990 “Electric Metallurgy Performance and Flash”, referring to documentation and standard revision after IEC6100-3-7 and other documents and standard revisions after IEC6100-3-7.

(6) GB / T 18481-2001 “Textual overvoltage and transient overvoltage of power quality”.

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