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Talk about the design and benefits of the radiator in the train

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Talk about the design and benefits of the radiator in the trainDesign and benefits of radiators in the forklift
The structure of the heat sink, the medium-cold engine should select an empty radiator. The radiator’s degassing system ensures that there is no air in the water cooling system to improve the heat exchange capacity of the coolant, thereby improving the heat dissipation capability of the cooling system, effectively improving the life of the engine.
The heat sink of the medium-cold engine has a tube sheet type, tube belt type and plate fin 3 types, plate fin heat sink relative to the tube sheet, the tube-type heat sink has high heat transfer efficiency, compact, light and adaptive Characteristics such as wide range of energy. Our company matches the forklift of the medium-cold engine, except for the tube tube with a toner of small tonnage, the rest of the wings parallel radiator.
Plate fin heat sink (see Figure) consists of a partition, a seal, fin, or the like, the separator mainly sends a heat insulating medium, support, and connecting elements, is a heat transfer surface. The seal is a side seal constituting the closed channel, and is a frame support of the main pressure of the pressure passage and the beam. The fins are the most important heat exchange elements, which enlarges the heat transfer area, improves heat transfer efficiency, the strength and pressure resistance of the heat sink.
In the case of space permit, a radiator core having a large front area, thin thickness, and a square shape should be preferentially selected. The square radiator core ensures the maximum fan cleaning area, and the radiator of the front area can match the fan having a large diameter and low speed, so that the fan consumption and noise are lowered. The thinner the heat sink core, the smaller the resistance, and it is not easily blocked by dust, debris, flts, and insects.
1. Will not affect people and goods. The internal combustion truck will produce exhaust gas during operation, which is not only harmed to the cargo of the cargo, which makes it a strange flavor and accumulates the soot, but also affects the health of all people working in the same environment. This is because of toxic exhaust gas and dust The cycle is generated in the air. For a long time, the electric forklift is used, it not only does not generate exhaust, and it is very smooth, and it has the advantages of ultra low noise, ultra low vibration.
2. Use cost. As the international oil prices continue to rise, the cost of the internal burning truck is also rising, and the electric forklift is a motor, the battery is energy, and the cost is very low. Moreover, the service life of the electric forklift is long, and the similar fuel forklift is more costly 70%.
3. Automatic power failure function, when the battery forklift is stopped for 10 minutes, whether or not the key switch is closed, the power switch can be automatically cut off. This allows unnecessary power loss to prevent unnecessary power loss even if the operator forgets the key switch.
4. The battery is compatible. Basically, the battery of the electric forklift for each brand is universal, so the battery that is not used for the forklift can also be disassembled to continue to use, so you can save a lot of costs.
5. Maintenance costs, the maintenance cycle of electric forklifts is two to three times longer than the internal combustion truck, and the time required for each maintenance is much smaller than the internal burner, which greatly saves the labor cost required for maintenance, and The current electric forklift has an AC motor, no carbon brush; the reduction of the contact makes the maintenance cost of the electronic component greatly decreased. There is no need to replace the contravement of electrons.
6. Reasons for technology, the rapid development of electronic control technology makes the forklift operation becomes more comfortable, the wider application range, solves many problems such as loading and unloading, high, stacking, and losses.
7. It is more convenient to use, the electric forklift is simple due to its operational control, and its operator’s operation intensity is much smaller than the internal combustion truck. The electric steering system, acceleration control system, hydraulic control system, and brake system are controlled by electrical signals. It greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator, so it has a great help to improve its work efficiency and the accuracy of work.

8. Environmentally friendly, now more and more forklifts are cited in indoor operation, so that the requirements for the exhaust of the vehicle are getting higher and higher. Europe and the United States have strictly stipulated that internal burning trucks are prohibited. Even if the laws and regulations in my country have not begun to strictly limit the internal burning forklifts in indoor, but the harm caused by the internal burning ferrous, the low noise of electric vehicles, the advantages of no exhaust emissions have been recognized by many users.

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