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Talk about the environmental governance of lead-acid battery industry

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Talk about the environmental governance of lead-acid battery industryLead-acid batteries production or regeneration industry pollution has become a big problem for local environmental governance.
Enterprises to increase environmental fund investment is the key. Establish and use good environmental funds, is an important part of preventing contamination environment in the production of lead-acid battery production and regeneration industries. To actively travel effective funds, solve the problem of insufficient investment in environmentally friendly funds; focus on investment in the facilities such as lead dust removal equipment, sewage treatment equipment; It is always stabilized, and the pollutant is discharged.
Enterprise leaders attach importance to environmental protection work. Leadership leaders in lead-acid batteries and regeneration companies are highly attached great importance to environmental protection, and is the premise of preventing lead-acid battery production and regeneration industry pollution environment. To implement the relevant environmental protection system, it is actively driving the company’s employees to carry out environmental protection work; the leaders of the enterprise must take the lead in playing environmental protection, personally supervise; enterprise leaders must not only regularly study the environmental problems in the production of enterprises, but also Pay attention to solving potential environmental hidden dangers in corporate production.
Enterprises to increase rectification is means. For the problems found in the environmental protection department, companies should actively establish and formulate rectification measures in depth. For some environmental issues that can be solved immediately, it should be solved immediately, and solve the problem. While rectifying the problem of discovery, it is necessary to raise an Anti-three, learn lessons, and actively develop effective measures to prevent similar problems from happening again.
All corporate employees participate in environmental protection is guaranteed. Enterprises should shoulder social responsibility, but also to their employees.

Enterprises must mobilize and create people to participate in the environmental protection atmosphere. At the same time, we must strengthen the publicity and education of enterprise employees through the propaganda mode applicable to the company, such as book newspaper, internal magazine, electronic screen, employee manual, and publicity CD. Contaminate the contaminated environment of lead-acid battery production and regeneration industry.

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