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Talk about the protection mechanism and rating mechanism of lithium batteries

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Talk about the protection mechanism and rating mechanism of lithium batteriesBlack plastic toolbox drill and additional batteries, spare batteries, and chargers.
Short circuit protection
Short-circuit prevention of lithium batteries is important to let them from overheating and fire. Always cover each of the lithium batteries (e.g., jewelry, keys) or other conductive materials from the metal object by surround each of each, and an insulating terminal such as a non-conductive material (e.g., a cable). Packing them in this way of transportation cannot be moved during transport.
lithium battery
The lithium battery in the device is shorted because it is fixed in the actual device and cannot be moved left and right during the transportation process. Make sure no switches or power button is accidentally opened during transportation.
Watt Hours (WH) rating
Water time indicates the amount of energy contained in the lithium battery. The TDG Ordinance adjusts the lithium ion battery based on its watt level.
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How is the calculated tile rating?
The rating watt must appear in the case of the battery, if it is made on or after or later. If it does not exist, you can use a computing tile of these formulas:
If you know the nominal voltage (V) and ampere hour capacity (AH), then
Watt = (v) ¡Á (AH); either
If you know the rated voltage (V) and in the mA-hour capacity (MAH) capacity, then
Watt = (v) ¡Á (mA ¡Â 1000).
If you still don’t know the evaluation of your lithium-ion battery, contact its manufacturer.
How to calculate the lithium content?
Lithium content can be calculated, in a gram (g), lithium metal battery:
If you know the power of the battery’s ampere hours (AH), then
Lithium metal = (AH) ¡Á 0.3
If you know the mAh (mA), the capacity is
Lithium metal = (mA ¡Â 1000) ¡Á 0.3.
In order to calculate the lithium content of the battery, simply by multiplithithium the gram of the lithium metal in the amount of the battery unit (gram).
Transportation and imported lithium batteries
The Canadian Ministry of Transport provides safe handling, transportation, transportation, and importing lithium batteries.
All design and type of lithium batteries must meet the tests and standards to safely ship the requirements of the United Nations manual.

Requires different transportation methods

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