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Talk about the safety technical operation procedure for charging machine

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Talk about the safety technical operation procedure for charging machineFirst, the operator should wear the sore, rubber gloves, insulated boots, and charging equipment should be placed in a ventilation, bathing place, with flammable, explosive items, not less than 20 meters, charging places are strictly prohibited to have fireworks;
Second, before charging, check the liquid level, temperature, specific gravity, cable, and charging of the battery electrolyte, should comply with relevant regulations;
Third, during the charging process, the charging voltage and charging current on the charger dashboard should be in line with the voltage level and current of the battery, and the temperature, specific gravity, and liquid level of the electrolyte;
Fourth, the temperature of the battery should not exceed 30 ¡ã C, when the bubbles are more, when the specified temperature should be reduced, the charging current should be reduced, and the ventilation is ventilated, heat dissipation, and when abnormal occurs, it should stop charging immediately, and identify The reason, the troubleshooting can continue to be charged; in normal case, the interrupt charging is not allowed, it must be charged continuously;
5. When the specific gravity reaches 1.28, the single voltage is about 2.4V, and there is no change after the charging is charged, and the charging should be completed;

Sixth, the charging is completed, the power should be cut off, and the battery cover is good, remove the charging line, and fill in the operation record.

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