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Talk about the working principle of battery wear welding

Talk about the working principle of battery wear weldingThe principle of welding welding is that the pole column of the two units is pressed by the pressure, and then the contact resistance generates heat to melt welding by the contact resistance through a large current. Usually, the contact resistance between the weldments is a variable, and the battery affects the contact resistance is as follows: battery
1) Pressure between the weldments: The larger the pressure, the smaller the resistance; the smaller the pressure, the greater the resistance. When normal welding, the pressure increases leads to poor welding; the reduction in pressure can cause overheating or even splashing lead (sputtering from welding, also known as fry lead).
2) The temperature of the weldment: the higher the temperature, the larger the resistance of the solder; the lower the temperature, the smaller the resistance of the solder. In the continuous production of the battery, the process before wearing welding is a casting solder pole group and a slot, and the codes of the casting weld will have a certain temperature. When the welding is welded, the welding is cooled down to ensure the resistance of the solder. becoming steady. When welding normally, if the temperature of the solder will cause splash lead.
3) Time to store the welding: The longer the weldment is stored, the smother is severely oxidative, the larger the resistance, the larger the likelihood of the splash, the larger the welding.

4) The plane size formed by the weld head extrusion welding: is related to the shape and pressure of the weld head, the welding area is large, which can cause poor welding. In summary, there is more influencing factors in the process of wearing welding, and during a variation process, the battery is therefore the resistance value is the parameters of complex and uncontrolled parameters. The widening welding current of the starting battery is about 2.8-3 0kA, and the welding energy is O. 3kj. Welding time is about O. 08s.

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