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Talk about what colloidal battery

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Talk about what colloidal batteryMany people don’t know if the original colloidal battery is also a lead-acid battery. The colloidal battery is an improvement in the ordinary lead-acid battery of the liquid electrolyte. The electrolytic solution is exchanged with colloidal electrolyte, safety, storage, discharge performance, and It has improved in terms of ordinary batteries in terms of service life. It performance is better than the valve controlled lead-acid battery, the ability to adapt the ambient temperature (high, low temperature) strong, withstand long discharge capacity, circular discharge capacity, deep discharge and large current discharge ability, have overcharge and over-discharge self Advantages such as protection. The colloidal battery gel is a gas-phase silica, and the gas phase method is a high-purity white-free nanoflite material, which has a thickening, anti-agglomerate, control system rheology, and other functions. In addition, in recent years, a wide range of applications were obtained in colloidal storage.
The colloidal battery mainly has the following characteristics:
1, gas-phase silica formulated high quality colloid, uniform distribution of electrolyte, no ammonium layering.
2, the electrolyte is fixed in a gel, does not flow, no leakage, and reactively reactively reacts the polar plates.
3, adopting tight fitting technology, has excellent high rate discharge performance.
4, excess electrolyte, battery heat capacity, strong heat dissipation ability, wide operating temperature range.
5, all use high purity raw materials, the battery is very small.
6. Adopt gas re-admission technology, the battery has extremely high sealing reaction efficiency, no acid-free, safe and environmentally friendly, no pollution.

7, with special design and highly reliable sealing technology to ensure battery sealing, safe and reliable.

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