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Talk to you about the life of the battery

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Talk to you about the life of the batteryThe lead-acid battery is in the initial period of use, and the discharge capacity is also increased as the use time is increased, and the discharge capacity gradually decreases with the increase of the charge and discharge capacity. The failure of the lead-acid battery is the result of many integrated factors, which are determined in the internal factors of the plate, such as the composition of the active substance, the type, porosity, polar plate size, the gate material, and the like. It also depends on a series of external factors such as discharge current density, electrolyte concentration and temperature, discharge depth, maintenance conditions, and storage time. This section only introduces the main external factors. However, it should be noted that this value is just a very value. That is, it is assumed that the active substance can be used in all the use of the quantity of the material and the amount of power. In fact, each active material cannot be fully utilized.
(1) discharge depth
The discharge depth is stopped from the extent to which the extent is stopped in the process, and the 100% depth means that all power is discharged, the life of the lead-acid battery is greatly affected. Mainly, the sulfuric acid generated during discharge
The volume of lead and lead generated during lead and charging is large, the greater the discharge depth, the larger the expansion, the greater the expansion, the bonding force of the active material is broken, and the cycle life of the battery is shortened.
(2) Over-charge
A large amount of gas is generated at the time of overcharge, and the positive electrode active substance is detached and the positive plate grid alloy is also corroded by severe anodization, so the battery overcharge will shorten the service life.
(3) temperature
The service life of the battery increases within a certain temperature range, which is increased as the temperature is increased by the capacity increases with temperature. If the discharge capacity is unchanged, its discharge depth is lowered, and the life will be extended.
(4) Sulfuric acid concentration
The increase in the density of the sulfuric acid is advantageous to the positive electrode plate capacity, but the self-discharge of the battery is increased, and the grid corrosion accelerates.
It also promotes the peats of positive electrode dioxide. Therefore, the use of acid density in the battery is reduced by the cycle life.
(5) Discharge current density

As the discharge current density increases, the battery life is lowered. Because, under large current density and high acid density conditions, the positive electrode neutral is loosening. The greater the extent of expansion, the binding force of the active substance is damaged, and the cycle life of the battery is shortened.

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