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Talking about battery and engine overhaul

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Talking about battery and engine overhaulIf the battery life of the electric forklift is charged by 20% alarm power charge and discharge, the charge and discharge cycle is converted. The working hours of the forklift is about 10,000 hours, and this is also the time equivalent to an engine overhaul that is equivalent to an internal combustion truck. In this case, the cost of replacement of the electric forktar is relatively close to the cost of engine overhaul, but the speed of replacing the battery is much faster than the speed of the overhaul engine (or the speed of the engine), and it reflects the advantage of time efficiency.

It can be seen that although we have high costs that cost the electric forklift to make the cost of the electric forklift than the equivalent load capacity, the total use cost can be used directly to measure the data. It can be seen that it is a electric forklift. The total cost is much lower than the internal burner. On the one hand, more and more forklift indoors, so that the requirements for the emissions of the vehicle are getting higher and higher. Europe and the United States have strictly stipulated that internal burning trucks are prohibited. Even if the laws and regulations in my country have not started to strictly limit the internal burning truck in indoor use, but compared to the inner burning forklift, the low noise of electric vehicles, the advantages of no exhaust gas emissions have been recognized by many users.

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