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Talking about different places to choose different forklifts

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Talking about different places to choose different forkliftsDifferent venue forklift purchase guide:
Electric van, pile of high cars, forklifts in port, station, airport, warehouse, supermarket, printing, paper industry has a wide range of uses, can be improved, stacking, loading and unloading, or partial cargo.
Different places to choose a truck is also very particular. Only when you step, you will be customized to make the forklift, pile of high trucks, and handling the car. At the same time, resources can also save resources and reduce unnecessary resources.
1. The main purpose of explosion-proof forklift is a dangerous place with an explosive gas mixture in industrial sectors such as oil, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, food, and national defense.
2, short distance operation, unloading area: Manual tray is almost suitable for any occasion due to small and flexible body. However, because it is manual operation, it is more difficult to force 2 tons, which is usually used for a short distance from 15 meters, especially in unloading zones.
3, higher distance operation: When the plane transport distance is about 30 meters, walking is undoubtedly the best choice, the driving speed is controlled by the accelerated speed switch on the handle, follow the operator’s walking speed, slowing personnel While fatigue, the safety of the operation is guaranteed.
4, small warehouse: electric stacker is relatively light, extending the arm of the support arm in front of the body, with a balanced load, is the choice of small warehouse economy.
5, outdoor handling: often referred to the balance of heavy car as a forklift, which is also the most widely used series of products. Universally used in loading and unloading and outdoor transportation.
6, outdoor short distance frequent round-trip transportation: diesel and liquefied fruity vehicles have two types depending on the transmission mode, and the intra-pressure transmission type internal combustion-fire efficiency is significantly improved when the outdoor short-range travel is moved.
7, the area of ​​the warehouse is small, the goods are more, if the area of ​​the warehouse is small, high high, and when the storage amount and high transport efficiency, if you don’t want to spend a huge investment in the automatic warehouse, then the high holder The aircraft is the only one is also the best choice.

8. Pharmaceutical industry, electronic electrical industry: the most efficient operating height of the front extension forklift is 6 meters to 8 meters, which is equivalent to the building height of about 10 meters, this height is also the most common store, distribute center, logistics center center The building height of the company’s central warehouse is common in the pharmaceutical industry and the electronic electrical industry.

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