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Talking about electric power vehicle sealing lead-acid battery technical description

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Talking about electric power vehicle sealing lead-acid battery technical description☆ Electric boost battery characteristics:
● Deep circulation board gate alloy, battery life is long.
● Electrolyte proprietary formula, battery is not dry water.
● The set of batteries is good.
● Beautiful appearance and high cost performance.
☆ It is best to add electricity before use.
The battery is a liquid and charged factory, it is recommended that the user is best supplemented before use. Because the battery is lost during storage and transportation processes. The method of replenishing is: the car is charged with the electric power input to pick up 220V AC power supply, outputs the battery case, charge for 6-8 hours.
☆ Instructions for use
▲ Battery interworking line, battery pack and electric boosts are secure.
▲ Normal range of vehicle start current: 6-FM-14 battery is 15-16a; 6-FM-17, 20, 24 batteries are 28-30A. Over the range, the vehicle needs to be repaired.
▲ Remember that excessive discharge seriously affects the performance and life of the electric boom battery.
▲ Cycling weakness, check if the vehicle and the motor fail, check if the battery is no electricity.
▲ It is best to slide start. The static start current is too large, and the battery is inheriting a large current impact.
▲ On the way, the battery is dead, don’t ride, avoid the battery over-discharge.
▲ Car instructions or remind the battery to charge, remember to charge in time. The charging is often not timely, the battery polar plate will harden. The phenomenon is: charging is fast, and there is not much discharge.
▲ Brake, motor or controller has problems to be repaired in time. Vehicle belt operation, will drag the battery.

▲ The car shows that the battery is still much, no need to charge. After a short distance, the battery is charged, and the battery will be charged.

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