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Talking about the truck gradually away from the cadmium battery

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Talking about the truck gradually away from the cadmium batteryAt present, the battery of the forklift market gradually away from the current situation of cadmium-containing battery, as well as the future development prospects.
China Battery Industry Association released the document on the National Industrial Policy Tips of Cadmium and Arsenic Lead Acid Storage Battery, and again referred to the relevant provisions of cadmium in “Access conditions”. Beginning on January 1, 2014, market banned “board nail”
Battery products generally use traditional cadmium-containing formulations, although cadmium elements help to extend battery life, improve stability, usual sealing state, but if the battery is disclosed, cadmium elements may have an effect on the environment and human body.
Among these recycled batteries, there are cadmium-containing products, but through a leading technical equipment and procedures, all of the cadmium elements can be achieved. During the low temperature converter, the high temperature of 900 ¡ã C can gradually evaporate the cadmium element, enter the two-way furnace and the air to oxidize, form the oxide, and then use sulfur and phosphorus. The regeneration lead is transformed to regenerate lead-free Cadmium.
A simple lead-acid battery has probably 1 year, and adding cadmium may reach a year and a half, the name is a lead-acid battery, and many companies will add cadmium in the production process to extend the life of electric vehicles, even some Big manufacturers, will also use several heavy metals such as cadmium during production, and the difference is much more and less.

Indeed, for the development trend of recent and future electric forklifts, we can be sure that for the cadmium age of the battery has arrived, we need to be fully prepared.

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