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Task use of boat storage battery

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Task use of boat storage batteryThe density of the ship’s battery electrolyte should be adjusted according to the standard according to the standards in different regions. Whether the small holes on the battery cover should be checked frequently when driving daily. If the battery cover is blocked, the generated hydrogen and oxygen can not be out, and when the electrolyte is expanded, the battery housing is broken, affecting the battery life. Check the positive and negative dimensions of the battery. The wire connection of the battery can be used in hot water, and clean it with a copper wire brush and apply butter.

Some users like to hydropower electric sightseeing vehicles so that they can extend the battery life. But you have some payments to make it pay for the battery. The first time is a battery for electric sightseeing vehicles for more than a year. If the quality of the car you bought is not good, or the model of the charger is not right, the battery is exhausted in advance, then it may be hydrating after half a year. Under normal circumstances, we recommend that you will hydration after one year. The second time is the battery has passed the shelf life. During the shelf life, if your electric sightseeer battery has problems, you can find after-sales service. Once you are hydrating the battery during the shelf life, any problem with the battery is no longer free after-sales service. Conditions have caused battery loss within three packs. For cautious attitudes, you still have to make a good supply of the battery. In the third time, the time is charged, and the time is not turned, and the light is charged without turning. At the same time, the battery is overheating when charging. At this time you need to hydropower the battery.


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