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Taxpate of tracing and maintenance of battery storage

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Taxpate of tracing and maintenance of battery storageThe battery plays a dynamic drive role in all walks of life, which seems to be irrelevant, and it is actually not lacking. Lack it. It is equivalent to the car without oil, and the consequences are as serious, which will reduce the efficiency of enterprises. The quality of the traction battery performance will directly affect the use of electric forklifts, should be strictly carried out in accordance with the daily inspection and maintenance of the battery, the following is the charging and maintenance of the taking battery:
  1. Take the battery to charge the battery after charging
  Nowadays, many people are convenient, generally waiting to be charged after basics. Here, everyone can charge every day, which can make the electric vehicle battery in a shallow cycle, and the life of the traction will be extended. At the same time, pay attention to the periodic deep discharge, and the traction battery is regularly discharged. It is also advantageous to activate the traction battery, which can be slightly Improve the capacity of the traction battery.
  2, the traction battery can be extended by repairing
  What kind of traction battery can be repaired. Now with the development of technology, the current lead-acid battery is a process of non-internalization, and is a maintenance-free traction battery. It is more stable relative to the conventional lead-acid battery production, and the quality is also substantial. improve. 


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