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The application scenario of the battery forklift has those

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The application scenario of the battery forklift has thoseWith the development of the economy and the improvement of environmental protection and energy conservation requirements, the development of the battery forklift is rapid, and the market sales will increase year by year. Due to its unique advantages, the battery forklift is increasingly favored by customers. Forklifts can be divided into internal combustion trucks and battery forklifts. The battery forklift is driven by electricity. Compared with the internal combustion engine forklift, the battery forklift has no pollution, simple operation and high energy saving. So, which workplaces are suitable for battery forklifts? The battery forklift manufacturer share the following:

When choosing the forklift type in the workplace, consider all aspects, but the advantages and disadvantages of the battery forklift have a large extent, so let us first analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the battery forklift.


The battery forklift is comfortable, stable, simple operation, low working noise, no exhaust gas emissions, no pollution, compact manufacturing structure, flexible cargo transportation, small turn radius, high work efficiency.


Since it is battery powered, the continuity of operation is relatively poor. At present, its investment cost is high, the troops are relatively small, and the maintenance cost is higher. Suggestion: Common faults of the battery forklift circuit

What kind of workplace is suitable for a battery forklift?

Because of the advantages and disadvantages of the battery forklift, the place for the battery forklift mainly includes: food and drug processing plants, large supermarket retail warehouses, tobacco, textiles, etc., especially ports, warehouses, tobacco, food, textiles. The battery forklift is gradually replacing the forklift of the internal combustion engine. Their common feature is high environmental requirements, flammability and lightweight goods. Using a battery forklift in these places is undoubtedly your better choice. 


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