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The choice of battery truck is based on those

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The choice of battery truck is based on thoseIn the process of enterprise development, the electric forklift has improved the effect of loading and unloading efficiency, saving manpower, how to use a forklift, this can reduce maintenance costs during subsequent use, the battery forklift selection, according to the warehouse The area, the height of the shelves, the width to decide, when we choose the same thing, it is not to say that it is suitable for others. Especially like an electric forklift, we have to consider a variety of performance of electric forklifts, combine itself, and buy an electric forklift for your own needs. Do you really choose to have an electric forklift? This problem determines the rated load when you purchase an electric forklift.

From a professional perspective, if your general cargo weight is 1.5 tons, we don’t recommend that you buy a rated rated electric forklift. Because as an electrical appliance, although our motor has overloaded, the motor works at the rated power for a long time, which must have a certain impact on its motor life.

The electric forklift does not exceed 80% to 90% of the load of no more than 80% to 90%. This is the ideal state. Is your electric forklift in the area of ​​the shelf or in production workshop? Is there a shelf in the warehouse? What is the channel in the production workshop? This problem determines how much should you be in the entire vehicle? If used in the shelf area, the channel and the highest measurement height of the shelves are, when the fork is up to the highest, the goods have multiple? Is there a loft, elevator, etc. similar to limited channel during the operation? Does the road have a certain slope? 


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