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The composition of the taking battery

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The composition of the taking batteryThe traction battery is mainly composed of a positive electrode plate, a negative electrode plate, an electrolyte, a container, a pole column, a diaphragm, and a conductive material. Different parts have exclusive production materials, which achieve its function, and sulfuric acid is a primary prototype in lead-acid battery electrolyte.
Concentrated sulfuric acid is a transparent oily liquid, the sulfuric acid content is 98%, strong water absorption, strong corruption. A large amount of heat can be released after combination with water, so that it is definitely fine protection in the electrolyte formulation process to avoid injury. In the process of dealing with the battery electrolyte, the requirements for dealing with water is high, and the impurities containing impurities directly affect the quality of the battery. The surface of the lead-acid battery is colorless, and the residue content is less than one tenth. This part needs attention in use, do not participate in concentrated sulfuric acid during electrolysis, but concentrated concentrated sulfuric acid to participate in water. 


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