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The power supply is the fundamental of electric forklift power

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The power supply is the fundamental of electric forklift powerElectric forklift circuit score light control section and walking control section. More importantly, the power control section, these two parts are basically independent, and the small part of the circuit is connected. The main controller of the power control is the main controller, the main control function of the electric forklift is small, but the structure style Different, most of the new point is full sealing, that is, all the control units are sealed in a box, only each of the terminals are connected, and some are discrete, this general, the control card The main crystal unit of the circuit board and the control voltage current is separated, and the wire is connected to each other, which is more troublesome, which is more troublesome, which is more troublesome, and the peripheral auxiliary part is various contactors, and walking motors. The contactor has a controlled, hydraulically steering, and the main circuit protection contactor, and then the accelerator of the control speed, the liquid crystal display on the dashboard, to display the vehicle working time, and the fault is displayed The fault code, the high-end car is also distributed in various places in the car, to monitor the working conditions of the car, not normal to issue an alert to remind the driver to pay attention to safety.
The main power protection contactor is between the main power positive pole lines generally under the main insurance below, and when the electric forklift is faulty or the main control will stop supply to the main contactor when the circuit is abnormal. Power-saving protection to avoid accidents. Walking contact is to control the vehicle advancement and back, some are two independent, some are one group, but can be controlled separately, while walking the throttle while walking the contactor is also absorbed, main control Transistor output voltage controls the speed of the motor to control the speed of the vehicle. The walking contactor in this control is only participating in a front and post-switching switching, which is not to control the speed by the contactor. This kind of car will hear a slap in stepped on the throttle. This is a more old car. Now the car is directly controlled by MOS transistors, saving the front and after walking contactor. The steering power contactor is to control the power supply of the steering power hydraulic pump. When the car is in travel, the steering motor is powered. When the vehicle stops, the electric control will automatically cut off the contactor, stop the power supply to the steering motor, and some vehicle gear is located When moving forward, when it is back, the steering is always working, only to automatically stop, like GE, the electric control of GE, and some cars will be automatically stopped if the car is more than a certain period of time. When you press the throttle again, you will start turning. Electronic controls like Saassages and Curtis. The function of the main hydraulic control contactor and steering assistance is similar, that is, the opening of the control circuit, any of the control rods on the forklift, pressed or push, and control the supply of the contactor coil by the microswitch under the control rod. The device will be absorbed, start power supply to the hydraulic motor, and the two-controlled electric forklift does not have this contactor, but by controlling the voltage output to the hydraulic motor. (Similar to controlling the electric control, this is interspersed and there is no speed up, there is speed control, can control the speed of the hydraulic motor, and can control the operation of the fork when the electric forklift can be used. Save power, there is no speed to turn on the governor, and output the maximum voltage directly. ) This control is not because the contactor is frequently absorbed, fire. Aging that causes contacts. Failure, it is power saving.
The accelerator is usually accustomed to the throttle, but this is not controlled, but the control voltage, the electronic control circuit inside the accelerator will output a different voltage to the main controller, and then the main controller The controller will output the speed of the motor to the driver to control the speed of the forklift.
The main function of the liquid crystal dashboard is to display the total time and vehicle of the vehicle to display the fault code of the electric control self-test in the event of a fault. Finding the fault code table can be convenient for maintenance. Some electronically also have a light-emitting diode in electrically controlled by observing the number of flicker of the light emitting diode, or it is also known. Walking electric motors do not say that the control walking, walking electric motors are excited and string, that is, the connection method of the coil is not the same.

The light part is not very important, that is, the light on the car is not bright, the car can still go. But don’t ignore its importance, for your safety, please ensure that the lights can be on. For yourself, it also provides a warning role to others.

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