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The role of 炜 业 通 电蓄 in the maintenance of communication power supply

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The role of 炜 业 通 电蓄 in the maintenance of communication power supply   The 业 电蓄 组 is an important component of achieving DC uninterrupted power, and its investment amount and switching power supply are basically equivalent.

   At present, the battery used by the Yusheng Communication Power supply is mostly advanced valve-controlled lead-acid battery. Each unit voltage of such a battery is generally 2V, which forms a 48V or 24V system in series, which plays a protection communication. Equipment facilities and ensure the smooth operation of the network.

   In the guaranteed communication power supply equipment facility, the Yiyong Battery Battery and UPS, the switching power supply system has played the role of the city’s electric grid electricity, waves, spikes (falling) and transients, undervoltage (overvoltage), effectively protected Communication equipment to prevent downtime accidents.

   In the guaranteed network, the power storage battery and UPS, the switching power supply system works together to maintain the function of the system normally when the power supply is interrupted, and also outputs the noise voltage to maintain communication quality. Once these batteries are not involved in the communication base station, they do not involve replacement in a few years, and thus strengthen maintenance of the battery, improve their usage, thereby effectively extend the service life of the battery, and is of great significance. The battery online detection is currently unsubstable in communication power maintenance. 


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